Please call to verify availability and pricing of keg beer. Please note that not all available kegs are included in this list (this is just some that are available), some craft beers change regularly. We don't carry kegs on hand, but we are happy to order any keg or configuration with very little notice.

Craft Beers

We carry a large selection of craft beers in 16.9 oz bottles, 22 oz bottles, 750ml, 4 packs, 6 packs and 12 packs. We proudly support large and small craft beer makers such as Breckenridge, Smuttynose, TwoRoads, Half Full, Black Hog, Clown Shoes, Thimble Island, and Six Point. We also specialize in availability of limited releases and rare beers.


15.5 Gallon (Unless noted)
Roughly 165 Beers
Based on 12oz. servings

Halk-keg beer such as Bass, Budweiser, Miller Lite, Blue Moon, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Sam Adams, Sierra Nevada, or Coors Light is readily available. Contact us for ordering from Charter Oak, Two Roads, City Steam, Shock top, Goose Island, Back East, Magic Hat, or New England Brewing. European beers often come in 13.2 Gallon configurations, such as Harpoon, Spaten, Heineken, Hofbrau, Newcastle, or Amstel Light. Contact us to order keg beer for your next event.

Quarter Kegs

7.75 Gallons
Roughly 82 beers
Based on 12oz. servings

Quarter-keg beers such as Budweiser, Coors Light, Samuel Adams, Miller Lite, Modelo Especial, Mayflower are readily available. Contact us today to place an order.


5.16 Gallons
Roughly around 55 beers
Based on 12oz. servings

Log beers from multiple beer makers are readily available such as Allagash, Green Flash, New England, Sam Adams, Dogfish, City Steam, Charter Oak, Captain Lawrence, Grey Sail, Kelso, Long Trail, Old Burnside, Blue Moon, Sierra Nevada, or Brooklyn. Bud, Landshark, and Shock Top (1/6) are also available. Contact us today to place an order.